What does a very long horn sound like?

Have you heard of the alphorn? The alphorn can be seen in the Swiss Alps and the mountainous regions of Poland, Romania, and other countries. These horns are several times taller than a man and are made out of wood, and they were used originally to call cattle. The timbre echoing from mountain to mountain is calm and pastoral.

Yamaha volunteers had the idea to build an alphorn-type horn from metal, and the result is the instrument shown in the photograph. It can be disassembled for easy carrying, and it has three valves for playing musical scales.

The alpenhorn, which could be disassembled

It is convenient to disassemble and carry around.

The instrument blow position and tilt was considered so that the valves could be operated comfortably. Listen to the bright, cheerful timbre of this instrument.

The sound of an independently produced brass instrument