Our Four Strengths

Global market leader in musical instrument business

The musical instruments business, Yamaha's core business boasts the No.1 share in the global comprehensive musical instrument market. Especially, we have about 50% share for digital musical instruments market including digital pianos and portable keyboards, having overwhelming market presence against competitors.

[ Image ] Yamaha's share

Combining craftsmanship and technologies in the production

Throughout our many years of involvement in the production of musical instruments, we have fine-tuned our craftsmanship capabilities to create even better musical instruments. At the same time, we have amassed industry-leading technologies by scientifically researching each step of the production of the production process and making use of cutting-edge technologies. We maintain both these strengths at a high level and take steps to intricately meld them, and this represents the most important aspect of our production activities.

[ Image ] Manufacturing of musical instruments

High level technology and developing products with distinctive individuality

As the world's largest comprehensive musical instruments manufacturer, Yamaha handle a wide range of instruments, which has enabled us to refine various kinds of technologies. One strength of ours that is particularly worth mentioning is the high level of technologies we possess in both the acoustic and electronic domains.

[ Image ]  An image indicating our technology in the acoustic and electronics domains and their hybrid
[ Image ] Venova™ Casual Wind Instrument
Venova™ Casual Wind Instrument

In recent years, we have place emphasis on the development of hybrid instruments that meld both acoustic and digital technologies. By leveraging and melding these technologies, we are developing unique products that only Yamaha can create, continue to add new values.

We are daily working on new technology development at Innovation Center, the world's cutting edge development and laboratory facilities on sound, which features the latest research and testing equipment.

[ Image ] Innovation Center (Anechoic chamber)
Innovation Center (Anechoic chamber)

Various contact points with customers

Yamaha's global network is centered on our own sales subsidiaries, whereas most of the competitors do their business through their local agencies, besides in large market. In addition to sales network, we have various contact points worldwide, such as artist relations centers, atelier, and PA equipment center (YDACC), where we can always make collaboration with world's top artists, music special educational institution and sound technicians. In addition to providing information on products and services, we create contents that will be a basis of products development and make development of music popularization activities understanding the local needs at these center, which in future may lead to creating demand. Yamaha aims to be a company where we can expand the collaboration system from customers to expertise.

[ Image ]  Sales at our subsidiaries