Unique Value Creation

[Main visual] Unique Value Creation

The craftspeople capabilities and sensibilities for sound creation have been passed down over multiple generations across the long history of Yamaha. We combine this rich sensibility with various technologies gained from our devotion to sound and music to pursue heart-trembling experiences that only Yamaha can deliver. ​

Diverse Technologies that Create Unique Value

Yamaha has refined a wide range of technologies over many years, starting with our unique skills born out of a long history as specialists in the manufacturing of acoustic musical instruments, and encompassing digital and electronic technology. By combining these technologies, we create unique products and services unparalleled by other companies.

Rich Sensibilities close to People's Passion

[Image] VALUE

Creating New Experiences through Evaluations and Validations based on Sensibilities

Yamaha’s products create value by engaging with the sensibilities of people. What kind of sound moves people? What is needed for people to better familiarize themselves with their musical instruments? Yamaha uses its deep insight and understanding regarding sensibilities for determining good sound and sound environments to conduct development and create moving experiences through repeated evaluations and verifications.

[Image] Deep Connections with the World's Top Artists and Extensive Network with Music Education Institutions

Deep Connections with the World's Top Artists and Extensive Network with Music Education Institutions

Yamaha, which operates around the world, has established Artist Relations bases in Tokyo, New York, London, Milan, Moscow, Seoul, and other parts of the world to position ourselves togehter with artists and musical instruments providing support and coordination for performances. We continue to seek what sound and music should be, interact with artists, and utilize the knowledge we capture from these activities to enhance the value of our products and services.

Yamaha's Manufacturing Capabilities built on Tradition and Progress

A Blend of Craftspeople and Advanced Technologies

Our crafted expertise, which has been developed over many years of creating musical instruments, is the source of Yamaha's strength. By using people’s eyes, ears, and hands to finish our products, we impart them with a special beauty and richness. We seek to identify the key skills and techniques that are imperative to our manufacturing, and aim to create a culture that allows us to reliably pass them on from person to person so that they are never interrupted. In addition to preserving tradition, Yamaha actively incorporates the latest advanced technologies and combines them with the skills and sensibilities of artisans to increase productivity and consistently deliver high-quality products all over the world.

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