Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is a new R&D center completed in June 2018. It is a place where professionals from a variety of specialized fields come together to work. Here, interaction among engineers is fostered on a daily basis and cutting-edge technologies and ideas continue to develop.

A place where people with diverse expertise and work styles meet

Every corner of the new development wing has been designed to encourage engineers to interact with one another. The engineers work on the fourth through seventh floors, which are connected by the staircase in the center, and there is space on every floor for engineers to meet and have casual conversations.

New encounters between people, and between technologies.

The beta-version development offices and meeting rooms are designed for everyone to see what others are doing, facilitating opportunities to spawn unexpected new knowledge and ideas. The dining terrace on the third floor is a place for people to have meetings in a café-like atmosphere, where they can also meet visitors from outside the company.

Equipped with top-level facilities to make the measurement, analysis and testing of sound equipment more accurate

The new development wing is equipped with state-of-the-art labs that are grouped into three purposes, namely, the creation of sound, the measurement of acoustic data, and the measurement of human data such as performers and audience. There are studios and testing rooms for musical instruments, as well as one of Japan’s largest anechoic chambers, reverberation rooms and vibration testing rooms.

Reverberation room

Recording studio

Studio for live music experiments

Electromagnetic anechoic chamber

Presentation space