Drawing on the strengths we have nurtured as the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments, we are driving ahead globally in our three fields of musical instruments, audio equipment, and industrial machinery/components and other.

Musical Instruments

The Yamaha Corporation Group’s core business begins with the manufacturing and marketing of musical instruments, and spans the management of music and other schools, in addition to the production and sales of audio and visual media software.
These products and services, which have earned high marks from music enthusiasts from beginners to professionals, are supported by research and development that progress through dialogue with artists as well as finetuned sales and service activities via networks spread throughout this wide world.

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Audio Equipment

With sound and music at its core, and drawing on its accumulated know-how in digital and acoustic technologies, Yamaha’s audio equipment business delivers best-in-class commercial and consumer solutions.
The audio equipment business spans professional audio equipment, music production equipment and software as well as audiovisual equipment, commercial online karaoke systems, network devices and unified communication devices.

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Our "Others" business segment comprises the Industrial Machinery / Components businesses, including electronic devices, factory automation, and automobile interior wood components.
Other businesses also include golf products, and Yamaha's resort business. Our diverse businesses draw on the technology, know-how, and sensitivities Yamaha has accumulated through the manufacturing and marketing of musical instruments to offer products and services that galvanize the emotions of customers.

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