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Yamaha develops businesses on a global scale in the three domains of musical instruments, audio equipment, and others (industrial machinery and components, etc.), fusing our technical expertise and sensibilities that have been honed through businesses centered on sound and music.

[Graph] REVENUE ¥451.4 BILLION (Fiscal 2023) [Graph] REVENUE ¥451.4 BILLION (Fiscal 2023)

Musical Instruments Business

Yamaha’s Core Business Boasting the No.1 Share in the Global Musical Instruments Market​

We focus on the development of acoustic instruments, such as traditional pianos and wind, string, and percussion instruments, and digital musical instruments that leverage electronic technologies, as well as development of hybrid instruments that meld both acoustic and digital technologies. Through our product lineup and global sales and service structure, which also includes lessons, repair and other service businesses, and software content business, we have secured a position as the world’s leading comprehensive musical instruments manufacturer.

Key Products and Services


Digital Musical Instruments

Wind Instruments


Yamaha Music Schools

Audio Equipment Business

Providing a Variety of Solutions and Enjoyment of Music for Businesses and Consumers

With sound and music at its core, and drawing on its accumulated know-how in digital and acoustic technologies, Yamaha’s audio equipment business delivers best-in-class commercial and consumer solutions. The audio equipment business spans professional audio equipment, music production equipment and software as well as audiovisual equipment, network devices and unified communication devices.

Key Products

Home Audio

Content Production/Streaming

PA Equipment

Unified Communication Equipment

Others (Industrial Machinery and Components Business, etc.)

Applying the Technologies We Have Acquired through Development of Musical Instruments and Audio Products to Various Industries

In the electronic devices business, we promote comprehensive in-vehicle sound solutions including the automotive sound systems. Other businesses include automobile interior wood components for luxury automobiles, starting from the fusion of our lumber processing and coating technologies, and factory automation (FA) equipment, which originated in our musical instruments manufacturing facilities. We also provide golf products and operate a resort business using these technologies, know-how, and sensibilities accumulated over our years of business.

Key Products

Automobile Interior Wood Components

FA Equipment

Automotive Sound System

Golf Products