Corporate Museum

Since the founding of our company in 1887 and throughout the course of our history,
Yamaha has continued to take on new challenges,
leveraging the technologies, know-how, and sensitivities gained during this journey
to offer new values that resonate with people's emotions.
The “Innovation Road” symbolizes the path
that we at Yamaha have taken to overcome these challenges,
and the one that we will continue on as we move into the future.

Visits to Innovation Road require an advance reservation, with reservations available for three rotating time slots each day.
Please be sure to check the “Guide/Access” page and make a reservation before you visit.

Display area introduction

Here we offer a place that will give you a sense of our corporate heritage and culture,
a space in which you can look at, listen to, and experience the efforts and
advancements that Yamaha has made and continues to make.

Guide / Access

Visits to Innovation Road require a reservation.
Click here for more information.

Reservation period

Up to 90 days prior to your visit

  • If Innovation Road is closed on the 90th day, then the following day
  • We accept reservations for schools up to 150 days in advance.
Opening hours

Reservations are accepted for the following three rotating time slots each day.


  • Visits are limited to one two-hour visit per day per person.
  • You may enter and leave the facility as you wish within the two-hour period of your visit. However, note that the time for exiting the museum within your time slot will not change.
  • Please note that entry to the museum is not possible from 12:00 to 12:30 and 2:30 to 2:45 as cleaning is performed during those times.
Number of visitors Up to 50 visitors per time slot
Entry Free
Tour types

As a general rule, tours are unguided.

English-language guided tours may be offered depending on staff availability on the day.

Guided tour overview
  • Oriented toward adult visitors, this tour introduces the highlights of Innovation Road, including Yamaha’s history and technology, and our commitment to manufacturing.
  • Held on Friday and Saturday when available.
  • When available, start times for guided tours are as follows. Please arrive in time and ask staff about tour availability.
    Guided tours start at 10:10 for a reservation from 10:00
    Guided tours start at 12:40 for a reservation from 12:30
  • Time required:1 hour

Display collection

Products on display in the Innovation Road collection.

Virtual IR experience

Images shot with a 360-degree camera allow viewers to feel almost as if they are visiting Innovation Road.
Click the "◎" marker inside the virtual IR space to view content such as explanations on products.
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