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How to use the Innovation Road audio guide

We offer an audio guide that provides explanations for permanent exhibits at Innovation Road.

1. Use the dedicated guide devices

Dedicated guide devices are available to borrow free of charge at reception. Please hold the guide device directly to your ear to listen, or use your own headphones.
*You can use headphones with two-pole or three-pole jacks. (Pushing a 4-pole plug all the way into the socket will cause the sound to stop)

2. Download the app to your smartphone to listen to the guide

Install the "MyGuide" audio guide app and then download the audio data to use as a guide during your visit (both the app and audio data are free of charge). Please refer to the procedure for using the audio guide below. The audio data can be downloaded anywhere at any time if your smartphone is connected to the Internet, so you can get ready for your visit before you arrive.

Procedures for using the Audio Guide app

1. Install the MyGuide audio guide app on your smartphone

Scan the following QR code with your smartphone, or search for “Yamaha Audio Guide” on the App Store or on Google Play.

2. Download the audio guide data

Start “MyGuide.” Scan the following QR code to download the audio data.
*The download may take a few minutes

3. Playback the audio guide

Each exhibit is marked with an “Audio Guide number.” Choose the “Audio Guide number” from the audio list within the app.

[ Image ] Audio Guide number