Research and Development

Yamaha conducts research and development in a wide range of fields
to support the “Well-Being of People around the World.”

Research topics


Sound and music are a vital part of the "Well-Being of People", and are enjoyed and used in a variety of ways. To create a world where people around the world can enjoy their own music anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, Yamaha's Research & Development Division conducts cutting-edge research and development in three main areas.

The first area focuses on "people". What kind of sound moves people? What kind of sound is striking a chord across the world right now? What is needed for people to better familiarize themselves with their musical instruments? These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves daily as we measure the performance of a player or the operations by an engineer, while researching human sensibility, preferences, and the overall musical culture. Through research into sensibility engineering and the science of performance, this people-focused area delves deeper into an exploration of the value of universal experiences, helping a broader range of people further their enjoyment of music.

The second area focuses on "products". In this area, we work to improve technologies for simulating and measuring sound and music to realize products that meet diverse needs. Also, in the field of materials research, we are continuing our research into the materials required for creating sustainable value. By advancing these technologies, we hope to continue to develop a broad product lineup and contribute to sustainable social and cultural development well into the future.。

The third area focuses on bringing "people" and "products" together. Musical instruments are products that have value when people play them. Having an instrument mold seamlessly into your hands to feel like part of your body allows for greater freedom of musical expression. An encounter with such a musical instrument is something to treasure for a lifetime. Yamaha dives deeper into the wonderful relationship between people and products, and applies its findings in a broad range of products and services. AI also plays a major role in this area. We are pursuing research and development in fields of cutting-edge musical information retrieval research that could feasibly have AI sing and perform instruments alongside human performers. This will allow us to develop richer forms of musical expression for the greater enjoyment of sound and music by a great many people.

When conducting research into these areas, we prioritize "sensibility" above all else. We feel that only by fully drawing upon the "sensibility" of each and every researcher engaged in R&D can we deliver the kinds of "technology" that capture the moments that really tap into the broad palette of human emotion. Looking ahead, Yamaha will continue to pursue research and development in a wide range of fields related to sound and music in order to "Sharing Passion & Performance" with people around the world.


Research Areas and Technological Fields

"People,” “things,” and “bringing people and things together.” Yamaha is carrying out research in these three areas to enrich the daily experiences of our customers. These three areas consist of the following cutting-edge fields: “simulation, measurements”, “musical information processing, signal processing”, “AI, machine learning”, “sensitivity engineering”, “human interface” and “acoustic device, material”.