Corporate Profile

Company Name
Yamaha Corporation
10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku,Hamamatsu Shizuoka 430-8650, Japan
Year of Foundation
Date of Incorporation
October 12, 1897
Paid-in Capital
28,534 million yen
Annual Sales
408,248 million yen
Primary Businesses
  • Musical instruments business segment : the manufacture and sales of pianos; digital musical instruments; wind, string, and percussion instruments; and other music-related activities.
  • Audio equipment business segment : the manufacture and sales of audio products, professional audio equipment, information and telecommunication equipment, and certain other products.
  • Others segment : electronic devices business, automobile interior wood components, factory automation (FA) equipment, golf products, recreation, and certain other lines of business.
Number of Employees (Consolidated)
20,175 (Excluding average number of temporary employees: 7,938)
Number of Subsidiary Companies
70 (of which 66 are consolidated companies)
Number of affiliated companies

(as of March 31, 2017)