Corporate Profile

Company Name
Yamaha Corporation
10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku,Hamamatsu Shizuoka 430-8650, Japan
Year of Foundation
Date of Incorporation
October 12, 1897
Paid-in Capital
28,534 million yen
Annual Sales
435,477 million yen
Primary Businesses
  • Musical instruments (Pianos, Digital musical instruments, Wind instruments, String instruments, Percussion instruments, Educational musical instruments, Soundproof rooms, Music schools, English-language schools, Music entertainment software, and Piano tuning)
  • Audio equipment (AV products, PA equipment, Network devices and communication)
  • Electronic devices (Semiconductors)
  • Others (Golf products, Automobile interior wood components, FA equipment, Resort facilities)
Number of Employees (Consolidated)
20,348 (Excluding average number of temporary employees: 7,990)
Number of Subsidiary Companies
73 (of which 67 are consolidated companies)
Number of affiliated companies

(as of March 31, 2016)