Promises to Stakeholders

The Yamaha Group aims to create a society that realizes the well-being of all people around the world.
To achieve this goal, we will continue to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world, with our corporate philosophy of “Yamaha Philosophy” as the foundation to draw from.

Based on this concept, the entire Yamaha Group shares promises to our stakeholders—customers, the people who work with Yamaha, business partners, regional communities and society, our planet Earth, and shareholders—working to improve the satisfaction of each stakeholder and making effective use of our management resources to achieve sustainable growth in order to maximize its corporate value.

[Image] Customer-Oriented and Quality-Conscious Management

Customer-Oriented and Quality-Conscious Management
(For Customers)

For the well-being of its customers, Yamaha offers quality and valuable products and services that incorporate innovative and traditional technologies as well as sensibilities and refined creativity.

[Image] Management that Values People

Management that Values People
(For People Who Work with Yamaha)

Yamaha places the highest priority on the health and safety of all people who work with Yamaha and aims to create a corporate culture where each person’s individuality and creativity are respected, and that encourages everyone to take on challenges to achieve self-fulfillment through their work.

[Image] Management Based on Mutual Understanding and Trust

Management Based on Mutual Understanding and Trust
(For Business Partners)

Yamaha values mutual understanding and trust and builds sound business relationships with all of our business partners, including distributors and suppliers.

[Image] Management that Contributes to Social and Cultural Development

Management that Contributes to Social and Cultural Development
(For the Regional Communities and Society)

Yamaha complies with the laws with the highest ethical standards, and as a good corporate citizen, contributes to the development of society and culture through its accumulated technologies and expertise to address various social issues as well as efforts that only Yamaha could do.

[Image] Management that Considers the Global Environment

Management that Considers the Global Environment
(For Earth)

Yamaha actively works to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve and make effective use of resources such as timber, and takes a role as a company to hand down the precious global environment to the future.

[Image] Transparent and Sound Management

Transparent and Sound Management
(For Shareholders)

Yamaha ensures sound business performance, continues to deliver proper returns to shareholders, and pursues sustainable development through transparent and high-quality management.