Brand Promise

Make Waves
Yamaha's Brand Promise

Belief in the Power of Sound and Music

Sound and music have a transformational impact on individuals and the world around them.
At Yamaha, we are drawn to this power.
We strongly believe that it can promote people’s "well-being."

Our Promise

We strive to partner with people who take steps every day
to create poignant emotions in everyone involved in sound and music.
Yamaha is uniquely able to stimulate people’s feelings, and we will continue to provide products and services that support musical expression.

What Only Yamaha Can Do

Progressive Innovation

With the combination of expertise developed through musical instrument manufacturing, our rich sensibilities and advanced technologies,
we stive to deliver revolutionary products and experiences that have never existed before,
whilst evolving new music culture.

Passion for Players

The joy of producing your first note. An environment that supports learning and growth.
Musical instruments and audio equipment that deliver the highest musical expression.
From music schools to artist performances on world tours,
we support every kind of player with Yamaha’s passion for sound and music.

Impact on Sound and Music

With our history of more than 130 years, we have created an enormous number of products and services.
By repeatedly taking on many kinds of challenges, we have developed new music culture together with people from across the globe.
We believe that our role and impact is to move beyond our business and contribute to creating a better society and future with an improved global
environment, culture, and education.

We Believe Everyone
Has the Power to Make Waves