Disclosure Policy

Basic Disclosure Policy

Yamaha Corporation endeavors to make the fair, prompt, and timely disclosure of information to shareholders and investors.
Yamaha adopts a proactive stance toward disclosing information and follows the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) for timely disclosure not only of material information but also other information that the Company, based on its judgment, deems likely to have an influence on investment decisions.
Moreover, Yamaha actively discloses information that it believes likely to be especially useful in promoting the understanding of the business activities of Yamaha and other Group companies.

Methods of Disclosure

For information that is classified as material under the rules of the TSE for timely disclosure, Yamaha first discloses such information on the Timely Disclosure Network ("TDnet") system provided by the TSE, in accordance with the rules of the exchange.
Immediately thereafter, this information is released to the media and posted on the Company's web site.
In addition, Yamaha endeavors to disclose accurately, fairly, and promptly information that is not classified under the rules for timely disclosure through the media and on its web site. Yamaha makes a special effort to make fair disclosure by posting information related to its presentations of financial performance, business activities, and other matters on its web site.

Cautionary Statement

The plans and strategies regarding Yamaha's future prospects presented in this web site have been drawn up by the Company's management based on information available at the current time, and therefore are subject to risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, we request that investors do not base their investment decisions on these performance forecasts alone.
Yamaha's actual performance may greatly differ from these predictions depending on changes in operating and economic environments, demand trends, and the value of key currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and the euro.