Mozart loved a good prank

Mozart, who composed the Horn Quintet and the Horn Concerto No. 3 in E Flat, was very good friends with horn player Joseph Leitgeb. At that time, composers commonly wrote music for the king or aristocrats and other important people, and so Mozart had written a piece for Leitgeb. However, in the notes was this message: "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart takes pity on Leitgeb, ass, ox, and simpleton, at Vienna, March 27, 1783," and the score was written in four different colors, including red and blue, making it very difficult to read. However, horns at that time did not have valves, and the only way to play a scale was to place the right hand in the bell (hand stopping), so normally pieces were written to limit the need for this, but Mozart's piece was nothing but phrases that required hand stopping, making it very difficult. Mozart was very fond of practical jokes.