Through the power of technology, the possibilities for people and music are expanding without limits.

Experiencing more pleasure in learning about and enjoying music.
Feeling the freedom of music, expressing their true feelings without hesitation.
Finding like-minded individuals to share music with.

The new connections created in this space will lead to an irreplaceable musical experience.


Yamaha Music Connect Services


Bring joy to learning.

Yamaha Music Connect provides a wealth of services and instructional contents for practicing and enhancing musicality, supporting lifelong growth and enjoyment through music.


Add freedom to expression.

Regardless of skill level or experience, Yamaha Music Connect’s cutting-edge technologies make music more expressive than ever and open the doors to creative freedom, empowering people to bring their musical ideas to life.


Connecting people through music.

From performance apps that facilitate online sessions to live broadcasts and releasing finished works, Yamaha Music Connect provides space to connect with people who share a passion for music anywhere, anytime.

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