Choosing an Oboe
Before choosing an instrument…

Because an oboe is an instrument with a very finely tuned structure, it will require periodic adjustments after purchase. A player will also need to visit the shop frequently to gather the materials and implements needed to make reeds. Therefore, it is important to choose a trustworthy store that offers proper after-care.

Even more so than is the case with other instruments, it is difficult for beginners to choose and oboe that is right for them. If possible, it would be smart to bring a pro along the first time. When trying out instruments, it is impossible to make a proper choice without using a reed created by a professional. If directly asking a pro for help is unfeasible, then it would probably be best to consult with the music shop. If it is a decent shop, then they should know a expert or two who can be contacted.
(Reference: Orchestral Instrument Trivia, Yamaha Music Media)