You can reduce time spent breathing using circular-breathing techniques?

Glass-blowing artisans, who inflate lumps of molten glass using tubes, are said to have mastered a circular-breathing technique by which they breath in through their noses and push out the air from inside their mouths using their cheeks. The reason for this is that if they suddenly stopped breathing while blowing, for instance, a large vase, wrinkles would form in the glass.
Professional oboists use this same circular-breathing method. Carbon dioxide builds up in the lungs during an oboe performance and causes pain. This is because, when breathing through the mouth, there is a long time between exhaling and inhaling, which can cause a suffocating sensation. However, it requires considerable training before a player is able to continue playing on the oboe smoothly because, unlike is the case with glass-blowing, there is the additional difficulty of needing to expel excess breath from the nose.