Choosing a Drum
Choosing brushes

Brushes are often used in jazz, but they are also used in ballads and other types of popular music. The style of playing and the tone of brushes are completely different from drumsticks. You will be surprised at the increased range of expression when switching from drumsticks to brushes, so it is highly recommended that you give it a try.

There are many different types of brushes from a number of manufacturers. Because there are as many playing styles as there are drummers, no one can answer the question "Which brushes are right for me?" So everyone should go to their local music store and try them out.
The brushes in the foreground of the picture are Yamaha brushes. They are wire brushes and are a standard type of brush. The tone of brushes is affected by such things as the number of wires, the degree of flexibility and weight, and how they catch on the head.

Various brushes

In addition to wire, brushes are also made of plastic materials. The red brush in the picture is made of plastic. Plastic is much more flexible than wire and produces a louder sound. That they do not rust like wire brushes is also a benefit.

Above the red brush is a rare item-a Steve Gadd model. Steve's brush is wire with a little twist, literally, at the end of each bristle. When used often over a long period of time, the bristle ends of a brush tend to bend, and it seems that he liked that sound. A different sound can be achieved with the bend facing upward or downward. The way the bristles catch on the head is different. As you would expect, with the top drummers, even a simple brush has many aspects.

Brush materials

Another important point is the grip. The ideal grip depends on the drummer, and it is important to find brushes whose thickness and feel are right for the individual. Yamaha brushes come with an anti-slip rubber grip, but other makers produce brushes with wooden grips. A wooden grip might be good because there will be no difference in feel when switching from drumsticks to brushes. This too is up to the individual preference.

Brushes sit on the head

Brushes sit on the head like this.