Care and Maintenance of a Drum
Parts that need to be changed regularly

Drum heads, at least the skin portion, are consumable products. Beginners often buy a drum kit and then, after a year, say, "the sound has changed!" In most cases this is because the head has worn out, changing the tone. Loosen the heads, and if the portion where the drumstick contacts the head is full of pits, then it is time to change them. Drummers who practice a lot should probably change heads once every six months.
Drummers who own their own drums can probably change the heads without any problem, but if it is the first time, it might be a good idea to have someone at the drum shop, or an experienced drummer, teach you.

Drum heads

Change the snare if it looks like this.

The snare is a consumable product, and drummers who play a lot should change it once every six months to a year. If the strands become misshapen or detached, that is also the time to change it.

Cymbals look sturdy, but they too are consumable products. Even if they are metal, they are constantly being pounded with drum sticks, and eventually cracks will form, holes will appear, or the cymbal will split. Cymbals with cracks can be repaired in the following manner.

  • Drill a 2- or 3-mm hole at both ends of the crack to stop the crack from growing.
  • Cleanly cut out the section that contains the crack.
  • Cut off a circular section that includes the cracked portion and make the cymbal smaller.
  • Close the crack using solder and a torch.

These repairs are essentially metal working processes, so it might be difficult to do them alone. Please consult a repair shop that performs these kinds of repairs. In any case, all of these methods will result in changes to the tonal qualities of the cymbal. But it is probably better to try one of these methods before throwing away a cymbal that you are attached to.