The classic piece Forbidden Games was a low-budget composition?

The timeless masterpiece Forbidden Games (directed by Rene Clement in 1952) is well known for its beautiful guitar pieces throughout movie, and the title track is particularly famous. The one person who backed this masterpiece was a young guitarist named Narciso Yepes (1927 to 1997), who was only 20 at the time. The two met by chance at a cafe in Paris.
By the time of that first meeting, Clement had already finished filming Forbidden Games, but was unable to include music due to a lack of funds. Upon hearing this, Yepes offered to create the soundtrack with only his guitar - the results of which greatly exceeded all expectations.
The "Forbidden Games" theme song is a classic that any budding guitarist can play with a little practice. The original song is said to be a Spanish folksong, but no one knows who it was written by. With this one song, Yepes became a world famous guitarist.
Reference: The Fun Guitar Encyclopedia (Yamaha Music Media)