Paganini copied his techniques from the guitar?

Niccolo Paganini (1782 to 1840) was famous as a talented violinist who used his demonic techniques to woo audiences. He was actually a skilled guitarist too.
Paganini always carried his guitar with him on tour, and is said to have played it constantly. He also composed several guitar solos, or duets written for both a guitar and violin. This seems to indicate an immense knowledge of the guitar.
Yet another aspect can be identified about Paganini's relationship with the guitar. He adapted certain parts of his unique method of playing the violin from the way he played the guitar. When viewing his technique, the flagioletto, a style often used to play violins, and his plucking of strings with his left hand seem to closely resemble that of the guitar.
Reference: The Fun Guitar Encyclopedia (Yamaha Music Media)