The Origins of the Classical Guitar
The Beauty of the classical guitar

A guitar can used to play amazing musical pieces, consisting of melodies and chords alike. One of the distinct features of the guitar is that a melody and accompaniment can be played at the same time.
While a classical guitar is best enjoyed playing solo melodies, playing with other guitarists can also be very enjoyable. Yet one of the most attractive features of the guitar is that it is in a world of its own when combined with singing and other solo instruments.

Nylon strings can faithfully produce tones from subtle differences in touch, enabling the guitarist to reproduce subtle changes in sound and a delicate balance in tonal strength. String tension can be utilized to recreate a range of sounds-sharp and soft-that may resemble that of a harp, cello or flute, or even the voices of a man or woman.

Lagrima: an example of a melody and an accompaniment

Recuerdos de la Alhambra, an example of diverse timbre

An example of diverse timbre