Choosing a Classical Guitar
Select a guitar from a reputable store

Classical guitars on show at stores can quite literally run the entire range of quality. There may be expensive guitars that are as expensive as a luxury car, to rough looking models that might make you wonder if they can be played at all.
Even if it is the first time you have laid your hands on a guitar, you should select a relatively well built one. A better quality guitar will be easier to master, allowing you to fully enjoy playing it.
Well built guitars are made by reputable manufacturers that can fully back their products.

Just like guitars, there are a wide range of music stores that sell guitars. Some stores may stock exquisite models as well as more reasonably priced items, while others may focus on stocking hand-made instruments from a certain manufacturer.
If you know someone who is experienced with classical guitars, it would be wise to ask them to accompany you to several stores so that you can obtain a variety of useful information.
If you come across a store or salesperson that you think you can trust, you can then start looking for your very own guitar.

The size and shape of guitars actually differs with each and every model. The neck in particular can be constructed in various ways, and those differences will have a large impact on how the guitar feels in your left hand. You will no doubt come to notice these differences as you hold and play a number of different guitars.
If the guitar feels comfortable when you hold it, it will also be easier to play. Finding a guitar that feels easy to play first will make practice so much easier. Take note of the timbre and the way the guitar feels when you hold it when selecting guitars at music stores.