Napoleon was a guitarist

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments amongst the general public today, yet in the past, they were considered a prized instrument within royal families and nobility, and with women in particular. According to Memoirs of the Count de Grammont by A. Hamilton, who wrote in detail about the English royal family in the seventeenth century, a guitar was as common a sight on a beautiful woman's dresser as lipstick and fake moles. The secret to the guitar's popularity was that it is relatively easy to play, can be played by a single person, and has a classy appeal. Yet the expert skills required for the production of guitars meant that it was out of reach of the majority of the general population.


In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 to 1821) was an avid guitarist, and a collection of his guitars was discovered after his death. The image of that famous military man strumming his guitar seems somewhat strange.
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