Presentation on the New Medium-Term Management Plan Make Waves 1.0

[ Image ] Presenter: Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Director

Presenter: Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Executive Officer

Yamaha Medium-Term Management Plan

Review of the Previous Medium-Term Management Plan NEXT STAGE 12

Value Creation Story to Realize Vision

Outlook for Business Environment

Positioning of New Medium-Term Management Plan

Basic Strategy and Management Objective

Path to Improving Core Operating Income Ratio

Projected Growth Analysis (by business and by region)

Key Strategies

Four Key Strategies

1. Develop Closer Ties with Customers

1-1 Reinforce Customer Interface

1-2 Achieve Growth in Emerging Markets: China

1-2 Achieve Growth in Emerging Markets: India, ASEAN, Other Markets

1-3 Expand Business Domains

2. Create New Value

2-1 Products and Services

2-2 Business Platform to Drive Value Creation

3. Enhance Productivity

3-1 Optimize pricing, Reduce Production Costs, and Use Expenditure Strategically

4. Contribute to Society through our Business

4-1 Culture and Society

4-2 Environment

Business Strategies

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

Industrial Machinery and Components and Others

Investment, Return to Shareholders, and Governance

Investment and Return to Shareholders



In this report, the divs forecast for the Company's future performance have been calculated on the basis of information currently available to Yamaha and the Yamaha Group. Forecasts are, therefore, subject to risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, actual performance may differ greatly from our predictions depending on changes in operating and economic conditions, demand trends, and the value of key currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and the euro.