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Annual Report 2020 provides details on Yamaha’s progress during the first year of its Make Waves 1.0 medium-term management plan. It also offers information on concrete initiatives for creating social value while leveraging the accumulated strengths and technologies of the Yamaha Group and identifying business risks and opportunities based on the perspective of medium- to long-term growth.


Creation of New Value through Sound and Music

Fully leveraging the technologies and sensibilities centered on sound and music that Yamaha has continued to cultivate since its founding, we aspire to cater to new demand and to help resolve the social issues arising in the contemporary business environment and to create new value that enriches people’s lives.

Management Vision and Value Creation Story (Pages 10–11), Special Feature: Enactment of Yamaha’s Value Creation Story (Pages 12–17)


Progress in the First Year of Make Waves 1.0 and Preparations for the New Normal

The changes to social structures that will represent the new normal after the global COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control are something that we can address by following the path we have walked thus far. While responding to the issues brought to light by the pandemic, we will steadily advance the key strategies of Make Waves 1.0 as we nurture the seeds of future growth in order to capitalize on the opportunity to act ahead of the times presented by the current adversity.

Message from the President (Pages 24–31), Make Waves 1.0 Medium-Term Management Plan (Pages 32–43), Financial Strategies (Pages 44–47)


Reinforcement of Oversight Function and Highly Transparent Management

One facet of the Company’s efforts to reinforce the management function of the Board of Directors was to establish the new position of audit officer, effectively enhancing the auditing function. Meanwhile, the Company improved and revised its risk management measures and entrenched compliance throughout the organization for the purpose of practicing healthy and highly transparent management.

Corporate Governance (Pages 70–95)

Directors (Pages 72-76)

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