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[ Image ] Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022 provides an overview of Make Waves 2.0, the new medium-term management plan launched in April 2022. It also offers information on concrete initiatives for creating social value while leveraging the accumulated strengths and technologies of the Yamaha Group in order to support the "Well-Being of People around the World."


Creation of New Value through Sound and Music

Yamaha’s 135-Year History (Pages 6-7), Strategies by Business and Function (Pages 60–77)


Overview of the New Make Waves 2.0 Medium-Term Management Plan and Initiatives Targeting New Post-COVID-19 Society

Message from the President (Pages 18–25), Make Waves 2.0 Medium-Term Management Plan (Pages 26–37)


Enhancement of Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management (Pages 42–51)

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