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Annual Report 2021 provides details on Yamaha’s progress during the second year of its Make Waves 1.0 medium-term management plan. It also offers information on concrete initiatives for creating social value while leveraging the accumulated strengths and technologies of the Yamaha Group and identifying business risks and opportunities based on the perspective of medium- to long-term growth. We encourage readers to focus on the following key points to help deepen their understanding of the content of this report.


Creation of New Value through Sound and Music

Fully leveraging the technologies and sensibilities centered on sound and music that Yamaha has continued to cultivate since its founding, we aspire to cater to new demand and to help resolve the social issues arising in the contemporary business environment and to create new value that enriches people’s lives.

Management Vision and Value Creation Story (Pages 10–11), Special Feature: Enactment of Yamaha’s Value Creation Story (Pages 12–15), Strategies by Business and Function (Pages 58–75)


Progress in the Second Year of Make Waves 1.0 and Initiatives in the Final Year

The changes to social structures triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have been accelerating the digitization trend as well as the diversification of values. In the final year of the Make Waves 1.0 medium-term management plan, we will continue to move forward with key strategies of the plan as we prepare for the next plan on our quest to achieve our management vision of “Becoming an Indispensable, Brilliantly Individual Company.”

Message from the President (Pages 20–27), Make Waves 1.0 Medium-Term Management Plan (Pages 28–37), Corporate Strategies (Pages 38–57)


Enhancement of Sustainability Management

Having established the Sustainability Committee in January 2021, the Yamaha Group is advancing discussions on the direction of its sustainability activities and monitoring the status of these activities. Through this approach, we will accelerate climate change response, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and a wide range of other initiatives aimed at contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Sustainability Management (Pages 42–49)

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