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Our Business

Yamaha develops businesses on a global scale in the three domains of musical instruments, audio equipment, and others (industrial machinery and components).

[ Image ] Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

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Yamaha's core business boasting the No.1 share in the global musical instruments market

We focus on the development of acoustic instruments, such as traditional pianos and wind, string, and percussion instruments, and digital musical instruments that leverage electronic technologies, as well as development of hybrid instruments that meld both acoustic and digital technologies. Through our product lineup and global sales and service structure, which also includes the music school and software content businesses, we have secured a position as the world's leading comprehensive musical instruments manufacturer.

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Key products and services

[ Image ] Pianos
[ Image ] Digital musical instruments
Digital musical instruments
[ Image ] Wind instruments
Wind instruments
[ Image ] Strings
[ Image ] Yamaha Music Schools
Yamaha Music Schools
[ Image ] Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

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Offer a wide range of products in both commercial and consumer domains, through technologies developed centered on sound and music.

The audio equipment business acts as the second business pillar of Yamaha. In this business, we offer AV products for consumers and PA equipment for industrial and facility use as well as for use by music enthusiasts. In addition, we provide ICT devices such as network devices and voice communication equipment. By leveraging not only our strengths in terms of audio networks but also our ICT technologies, we position the audio equipment business as a growth domain, centered on professional audio equipment.

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Key products

[ Image ]  AV products
AV products
[ Image ]  PA equipment
PA equipment
[ Image ] Network devices
Network devices
[ Image ] Others (Industrial Machinery and Components, etc.)

Others (Industrial Machinery and Components, etc.)

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Leverage the technologies acquired through the manufacturing process for musical instruments to provide comfortable, safe, and secure solutions

The industrial machinery and components business covers a broad range of fields, such as electronic devices, which started with the development of LSI for musical instruments; automobile interior wood components for luxury automobiles, which started from the integration of our lumber processing and coating technologies; and factory automation (FA) equipment, which originated in our musical instruments manufacturing facilities. We are focusing our efforts to establish a foundation to position the industrial machinery and components business as our third business pillar in the future, alongside the musical instruments and audio equipment businesses.

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* Individual fiscal 2019 forecasts for operating income and operating income ratio are not disclosed for the individual businesses comprising the others segment.

Key products

[ Image ] Electronic devices
Electronic devices
[ Image ] Automobile interior wood components
Automobile interior wood components
[ Image ] FA equipment
FA equipment