Sharing the Joy of Playing Musical Instruments with Children Worldwide

Beginning with the Yamaha Music School, which has a history of more than 60 years, Yamaha continues to implement instrumental music education programs around the world–both within school education and otherwise–using musical instrument performance as a means to help enrich the development of children everywhere.

As a musical instrument manufacturer, we believe it is our mission to help build a society in which more people can enjoy music, experience the joy of playing musical instruments, and in doing so lead richer lives.

The Status of Instrumental Music Education Around the World Today

However, a quick look around the world –at emerging countries in particular– makes it clear that a suitable environment for providing instrumental music education is often lacking. It is not uncommon to see a lack of facilities, instructors, and curriculums, and many children never get the chance to play or even touch a musical instrument.

The reality is that it’s possible some of these children may complete their basic education without ever touching a musical instrument or receiving any kind of instrumental music education at all.

The Hidden Potential of Instrumental Music Education

On the other hand, societies are growing more diverse and education that equip children with the ability to make decisions and act independently has increasingly become a priority around the world.

(Examples of this include 21st century skills and the STEAM education model meant to develop such skills)

Future generations will likely continue this trend of valuing an education that teaches children to understand and sympathize with other people and situations and find solutions befitting the circumstances.

Instrumental music education is about more than simply producing sounds on instruments and having fun. Children practice diligently to improve their playing and go on to perform with others as part of large ensembles. This helps build self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, fosters self-expression and cooperativity, and leads to personal growth.

Our Faith in the Power of Music

Even though the status of instrumental music education varies greatly by location, Yamaha continues working to help spread instrumental music education and make it more common in school education worldwide to provide more children with opportunities to experience the joy of music.