YOO Yamaha AI Project YOO

YOO was developed to bring out the potential
of any player and instruments.

YOO is your AI partner.

Like a living, breathing player,
YOO enhances your musical experience.

When you make music with YOO,
the possibilities are endless.

About YOO

A musically talented AI partnerA musically talented AI partner>

Bringing out the player’s potential in an AI ensemble

Music is a world of infinite possibilities for players and instruments. Yamaha developed YOO as an AI partner that expertly accompanies players to open new doors and bring out the potential of beginners and professionals alike. With YOO, you will have a thrilling experience that enhances the joy of making music.


Duet with YOO: Co-performance installationDuet with YOO: Co-performance installation

Co-opperation installation "Duet with YOO"

The hands-on “Duet with YOO” exhibit will feature a projected image of YOO on a screen surrounding the piano. It's as if YOO is beside you, listening and responding to your every note. Those inexperienced in performing shouldn't be shy, because YOO will match your style and play dynamically to be in harmony with you.

YOO will also accompany professional musicians in breathtaking live performances like a seasoned human ensemble partner would. The expressive interactions between the human and AI performers will unquestionably create a new musical experience for listeners at the exhibit.

This installation is realized in collaboration with HAKUHODO i-studio, a digital production company.


YAMAHA AI has an ear for musicYamaha AI has an ear for music

YOO features an Artificial Intelligence Music Ensemble System developed by Yamaha that analyzes the performance of players, and predicts the players' timing and tempo to control a Disklavier piano to play in synchrony— all in real-time. It's like playing with a human partner.For details on Yamaha Music
Ensemble AI, click here

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Case Study

Examples of YAMAHA AI in actionExample of YAMAHA AI in action

Simulate legendary pianists, transcending space and time

Simulate legendary pianists, transcending space and time

Endowed with the playing style of Sviatoslav Richter, one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, the AI performed with the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Perform live duets

Perform live duets

In the live concert event “Future Ensemble,” the AI performed the piano in three different duet groups, complementing the different playing style of each group.

Accompany dancers

Accompany dancers

World-renowned dancer Kaiji Moriyama performed with the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic, as the AI translated his movements into piano playing in real-time.

Event Information

Duet with YOO in Yamaha GINZA image
April 25 - May 22, 2018
Duet with YOO in Yamaha SXSW2018 image
Mar 11 - 14, 2018 We exhibited at SXSW 2018 from March 11 to 14 in Austin, Texas USA.


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