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Yamaha Group DE&I Policy

Yamaha Group sees the rich diversity of its people (including but not limited to age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, nationality, race, religion, culture, values, lifestyle, and experience) as a true strength, and an endless source of new value creation for the organization.*
By celebrating the individuality of everybody in our organization, and creating an equitable environment in which diversity can thrive, we aim to become more competitive, drive growth, and realize social sustainability.

* Due to the differences in legislation and customs in different countries, we respect every law and, above all, respect all cultures and customs

President Message

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Yamaha celebrates the uniqueness of every individual and the collaboration of the many and the different.

Joy, comfort, encouragement, connection, and growth – there are countless ways in which sound and music enrich our lives. Whenever you appreciate, listen, play, and create music, you craft your own irreplaceable emotions and experiences.

As an organization dedicated to this power, we recognize the individuality, passion, and creativity of each of our colleagues as fundamental notes in the composition of our success. Just as a chord is made stronger by the harmonious blending of distinct tones, amplifying the unique strengths of each and every one is key to fortifying our business and achieving new heights of innovation.

The power of individuals reverberates and crescendos throughout our business, with the aim of creating moments of excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.

President and Representative Executive Officer Yamaha Corporation

[Signature] Atsushi Yamaura

Workforce Diversity


Yamaha Corporation

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Female representation over the last 5 years
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Female representation over the last 5 years
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Commitment & Action

[image] A Level Playing Field

A Level Playing Field

We value the uniqueness of all individuals, and the importance of an equitable environment and opportunities in allowing everyone to make their mark as a member of Yamaha.

At Yamaha, we believe that everyone should be treated as first-chair members.
Thus, we are committed to inclusive hiring and fair opportunities for promotion, in accordance with the Yamaha Compliance Code of Conduct.
Under the Yamaha Group DE&I Policy, we have consolidated our commitment to diverse and inclusive hiring, enabling us to support people with visible and non-apparent disabilities.
We will continue to ensure provision of sufficient resources for the skill and career development, including doubling of the human capital investment, as defined in the medium-term management plan, Make Waves 2.0.

[image] Overcoming Bias

Overcoming Bias

We orchestrate an organizational culture in which every individual is respected and empowered to express oneself.

In order for every colleague to make one's mark at Yamaha, we must create an inclusive workplace. To this end, we are committed to preventing harassment and discrimination towards any individual or community.
This commitment is embodied first and foremost in the Unconscious Bias Training that we conduct across Yamaha Group and the special programs we offer to managers.
We also recognize and support the needs of specific communities. For example, Yamaha Corporation has introduced a companywide mandate to recognize same-sex partners as ‘spouses’ and ‘family members’ to acknowledge their contribution and impact on the company.
Furthermore, we have introduced the Yamaha DE&I Communication Handbook and joined the Unstereotype Alliance to promulgate our culture of finding common ground and striking an inclusive note in our communication with global customers.

[image] Dedication to Diversity of Ideas

Dedication to Diversity of Ideas

We continuously innovate by cultivating a medley of expertise and sensibilities which emanates from our rich ensemble of colleagues.

We strive for greater colleague and leadership diversity in order to inspire and orchestrate greater innovation.
We are committed to achieving a 19% female manager ratio globally by March 2025 and to hiring a minimum of 5% non-Japanese employees at Yamaha Corporation.
Across our group companies, we endeavour to ensure that our workforce mirrors the demographic diversity of each country and region.
To realize the fruits of such a diverse workforce, we have been running the Value Amplifier, a bottom-up new business launch program, for approximately seven years. The program has channelled the ideas and passion of participating employees into pioneering innovative businesses, such as the VOCALOID Keyboard VKB-100.

[image] Ensuring a Sense of Belonging

Ensuring a Sense of Belonging

Our ultimate goal is to be a company where our colleagues feel like first-chair members of the organization, who come together and rally under common values and goals.

We work to forge camaraderie and synergy among employees across the world, while also seeking to deepen their identification with the Yamaha brand and its philosophy.
Every year, all Yamaha Group employees are invited to Yamaha Day to celebrate the anniversary of the company’s founding and share in the Group’s accomplishments. Through the event, the employees also affirm their appreciation for each other. Similarly, each group company has been hosting events such as Family Day and Employee Concert galvanize teams at a local level.
We also encourage dialogue between top management and employees to sustain and amplify the employee voice. To this end, we provide opportunities for top management to engage with specific communities of employees through relevant occasions (e.g. International Women’s Day). Furthermore, we actively measure and encourage engagement from our global workforce to create a desirable workplace for all.



[thumbnail] Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report Download

For details on the DE&I promotion system of Yamaha Group and the DE&I Action Plan of Yamaha Corporation, please check the latest issue of the Sustainability Report.

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