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Current situation

Looking around the world, there are many children who are not blessed with the opportunity to play musical instruments because the environment for music education is inadequate due to lack of equipment, instructors, or insufficient educational curriculum. Therefore, Yamaha is developing activities around the world with the aim of popularizing activities using music and musical instruments in public education in order to provide more children with opportunities to play musical instruments and convey the joy of music and musical instruments.


For elementary schools in such countries and regions, we provide a unique program that we call the "All-in-one package" — musical instruments, educational materials, and training for teachers — in collaboration with government educational institutions. We are promoting the introduction and development of content that allows students to enjoy learning about portable keyboards, recorders, and Pianica in both regular classes and extracurricular activities.
First and foremost, we value the SDGs philosophy, and in the future we will establish support systems ensuring that instrumental music education can take root locally and be developed in-country.

Achievement (as of December 2023.)

Achievement (as of December 2023.)

Providing opportunities for children to enjoy musical instruments

Expanding the population of music players in developing countries

Japanese instructors are dispatched by Yamaha Corporation to train core instructors on-site locally, the core instructors in local areas are in charge of training for school teachers, and finally school teachers develop classes in schools. We also aim to practice teacher training based on the idea of the SDGs, where Japanese teachers, local teachers, and students respect each other and create opportunities for horizontal and interactive learning.

Training system based on SDGs concepts