Our Researchers

Yamaha's Research & Development Division conducts research in a wide range of fields related to sound and music, including analysis and simulation, AI and machine learning, information and signal processing, KANSEI, acoustic devices and materials, and human interfaces.

The Innovation Center is the center of Yamaha R&D, at its headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. The Innovation Center is one of the largest research facilities for musical instruments and acoustics in the world, with not only many acoustically treated and soundproof rooms, but also a full-scale recording studio and a studio for live music performances.

The Innovation Center is home to many researchers who interact with each other while engaging in research based on their individual knowledge, sensibilities, interests, and concerns. Collaboration with professional musicians and sound engineers is also quite important and interesting for research activities at Yamaha. Researchers discuss issues with professionals and receive feedback that allows them to improve upon their ideas through such collaboration.

Japan is a safe and comfortable place to live, with a lot of delicious food. Hamamatsu is a 90-minute bullet train ride from both Tokyo and Osaka, providing easy access to the leading metropolises in Japan. Hamamatsu, which faces the Pacific Ocean, has a mild climate in which people can live comfortably while enjoying a combination of city life and a beautiful natural environment.

We look forward to working with you at Yamaha R&D.