Researcher:Ryunosuke Daido

Division Music Informatics Group, Development Department 1, Research & Development Division
Details of Work Research and development of singing voice synthesis technology with AI and signal processing
Field of Study Telecommunications engineering
Year Joined Yamaha 2012

Current Duties

I am involved in the research and development of VOCALOID:AI singing voice synthesis technology.

VOCALOID is a singing voice synthesis technology with advanced signal processing that was announced by Yamaha in 2003. Creators have used VOCALOID to create many famous songs, and it continues to have a great influence on the world’s music culture.

And now, with the introduction of AI technology, VOCALOID is evolving into a technology that can create much more expressive and attractive singing voices. In addition to following instructions from human operators, AI singers can also create their own unique singing voice expressions. I believe that the relationship between music creators and AI singers will become more interactive and stimulating in the future, and some day it will be possible to create music in a form similar to the relationship between human singers and producers.

Working with Other Specialists to Provide Music to the World

Just as music created with VOCALOID is loved all over the world, in a few years the technology we are creating now will reach many people all around the world, leading to the birth of new music.

For me, the appeal of working in Yamaha’s R&D Division is the ability to bring academic theories and techniques to the world as tools for creating music. Every day, my colleagues in R&D use technology based on their own ideas to create, share, and discuss software and hardware for creating interesting music experiences. And in the business divisions, there are specialists who utilize the technology from R&D to create apps, musical instruments, and devices that are truly appealing as products with high practical value, and deliver them to users all around the world.

I believe this work is only possible at Yamaha, where all of my colleagues love both technology and music.

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