Researcher:Ryo Matsuda

Division Sound Signal Processing Group, Development Department 1, Research & Development Division
Details of Work Research and development of spatial acoustics and signal processing
Field of Study Architectural acoustics
Year Joined Yamaha 2019

Current Duties

I am involved in researching the automation of mixing and achieving an advanced sense of realism for live streaming.

Due to COVID-19, the live performance market has shifted significantly to streaming in recent years. As a result, sound engineers are needed to perform mixing for live streaming in addition to their usual mixing duties at live venues. Through the automation of mixing for live streaming, our goal is to reduce the burden on sound engineers and create an environment in which they can focus more on sound creation.

In addition, the focus on 3D Audio content in music and movies suggests that the feeling of realism can add value to live music. Therefore, we have begun to explore the factors that lead to the feeling of realism in live music, in terms of both physics and sensibility.

Colleagues from a Variety of Backgrounds

I joined Yamaha because I decided in graduate school that I wanted to work in spatial acoustics.
My current job is similar to what I had imagined before joining the company.

Since Yamaha is a musical instrument and sound company, it is widely believed that most of our employees have been involved in sound research since their university days. However, my colleagues actually come from a variety of backgrounds, such as signal processing, mechanics, electricity, and chemistry. I feel that Yamaha is the ideal environment for me, because I can discuss issues with experts who have a diverse range of knowledge and values, and I can devote myself to research subjects in which I have a strong interest.

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