Choosing a Saxophone
The lacquer may affect the sound

Compared to gold lacquer, gold plating has a richer color, and is truly golden. Even with only a 5 micron thickness, the relative weight is double, so the response of the instrument improves dramatically. The resistance is also greater, and playing it requires more power than other models, but even a single such saxophone in a large orchestra produces a clear, distinct sound.
Non-lacquered instruments do not project sound well. However, it is a good choice if you would like to bask in your own performance, because it comes back to you as if you were playing in a small closed room. The non-lacquered saxophone is perfect for those players who want to focus on their own sound.

From left: gold plating, non-lacquered, and gold lacquered.

From left: gold plating, non-lacquered, and gold lacquered.

Normally, gold or clear lacquer is applied to the surface of the saxophone, but with alto and tenor models of the Yamaha Custom Saxophone 82Z series, we have chosen a non-lacquered finish. When a non-lacquered finish is used, the sulfur in sweat comes into contact with the copper in the brass, and little by little the shine is worn off and the color becomes drab, so this finish is appreciated by those who prefer a dull finish.

You may think that because lacquer is not applied, it should be cheaper, but in fact, it costs about $400 to $450 more. Why is that?
In order to deliver a pristine instrument to the customer in the store, we have to take special measures to preserve the finish in the factory during the manufacturing process. The instrument must be handled with special care, and gloves are used at all times. Of course the player would like to be the one to give the instrument its particular character.

So that the bow does not expand, the nail-shaped seam is welded, but a roller is used to flatten the seam so that it is not visible. Over time, however, corrosion of the surface makes the seam visible. This is proof that it was made from a single sheet of metal, and it is an endearing feature to true saxophone lovers.