How to Play the Pipe organ
Pipe organs that use electric signals

Traditional pipe organs use a mechanical structure to feed wind into pipes, using their action in response to movement of the manual keys, but there are also organs that direct wind using only electric signals. Because the pipe that will sound is specified using an electric signal, the console can be operated at a distance from the pipes so long as wiring is in place. Furthermore, if an electric keyboard is connected and music is performed via MIDI, it is possible to play the organ using the keyboard.
However, with electric signals, subtle expressive techniques such as "fingertip tonguing" become unavailable.

"I want to enjoy music even when there is no one who can play." "I want to replay performances by skillful musicians." In line with such expectations, pipe organs equipped with automated performance functionality are now available. Each of the individual manual keys are fitted with magnets, and stops and manuals can be moved as specified via electric circuits to give a "performance," while the movement of manual keys can be confirmed and recorded via sensors. This is an age where exquisite sound can be enjoyed with ease.