Choosing a Timpani
Timpani come in various styles and sizes

When choosing a timpani, it is necessary to think about not only the sound but also changing the pitch.

With hand-tightened timpani, changing the pitch takes time since each tuning bolt must be adjusted individually.
Handle-type timpani can be adjusted more quickly since the tension of the head can be changed all at once by turning the handle to adjust the position of the hoop.
Pedal-type timpani allow the tension of the head to be adjusted by moving the pedal up and down, so it is possible to change the pitch even more quickly. What's more, pedals are operated with the feet, leaving the hands free to focus on the performance. The pedal-type timpani is ideal for music like brass band music, which often changes the pitch in the middle of a piece.

Although size depends on purpose of use, refer to the following information when choosing.

  • We recommend selecting a 26-inch and 29-inch size first, followed by 23-inch and 32-inch sizes.
  • 24-inch and 27-inch timpani have more resonance especially around the lower notes in comparison with 23-inch and 26-inch drums.
  • For players who use 24-inch and 27-inch timpani, the combination to use is 20-, 24-, 27-, 29-, and 32-inch.
    Please choose a 20-inch timpani if one is necessary for the performance.