Choosing a Timpani
Timpani come in various styles and sizes

When choosing the right timpani, it is necessary to think about how easy it is to change the pitch during performance.

With hand-tightened timpani, change the pitch requires more time because each tuning key needs to be adjusted separately.
Handle-type timpani can be adjusted more quickly, since the pitch of the entire drum can be changed using the handle.
Pedal-type timpani allow the overall pitch to be instantly changed using the pedal, which takes even less time than handle-type timpani. For this reason, it is best to use a pedal-type timpani when you need to change the pitch in the middle of a song.

Although size depends on purpose of use, refer to the following information when choosing.

  • First select both a 26-inch and 29-inch size, and then select 23, 32 and 20-inch sizes.
  • 24-inch and 27-inch timpani have more resonance around the lower notes, in comparison with the 23-inch and 26-inch timpani. We recommend these drums to players who are feeling dissatisfied with 23-inch and 26-inch drums.
  • For players who will use 24-inch and 27-inch timpani, the combination to use is 20, 24, 27, 29, and 32-inch timpani.
  Series Size/tonal range
20-inch 23-inch 24-inch 26-inch 27-inch 29-inch 32-inch
Hand-tightened 100C × TP-123C × TP-126C × TP-129C ×
Handle-type × × × × × × × ×
Pedal 3100 × TP-3123 × TP-3126 × TP-3129 TP-3132
5000 TP-5020 TP-5023 × TP-5026 × TP-5029 TP-5032
5000H TP-5020H TP-5023H × TP-5026H × TP-5029H TP-5032H
7000 TP-7020 TP-7023 × TP-7026 × TP-7029 TP-7032
7000H TP-7020H TP-7023H TP-7024H TP-7026H TP-7027H TP-7029H TP-7032H