Record of Collaborations - School Project

Currently, we are collaborating with the Ministry of Education in each country, including Japanese governmental offices, to promote activities so that music and instrumental music education can be enjoyed in various places.

"Introduction of Japanese-style Education Using Public-Private Collaboration Platform" (EDU-Port Japan)

  • 2016 EDU-Port Certified Project: Introduction of playing musical instruments to the primary and secondary music classes in Vietnam
  • 2018 EDU-Port Support Project: In-service training for musical instruments to take root in music education in Vietnam
  • 2020 EDU-Port Support Project: Introduction of Japanese-style Instrumental Music Education in Primary Education in Egypt

At the request of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, this project has resulted in instrumental music education being incorporated into the new course of study and learning since September 2020.
Aiming to support the implementation of the new curriculum "Education 2.0," in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education of Egypt, we are supporting development of interactive classes — both teacher:student and student:student. By incorporating instrumental music education, we will further enhance Japanese-style education, which is drawing a great deal of attention from around the world, and examine methods for measuring non-cognitive skills (especially focusing on cooperation, self-esteem, discipline, and motivation) of students.

Egyptian children taking recorder class.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) J-Challenge Program

  • 2018 Project:
    Project to introduce instrumental music education in Vietnam

Based on a memorandum of understanding with the Hanoi National University of Education, we developed a course on instrumental music teaching methods and made efforts to build a sustainable teacher training scheme.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) SME/SDG Business Support Projects

  • 2020 Project:
    Study on the introduction of Japanese instrumental music education into Egypt’s primary education

From June 2021, we have been carrying out activities to introduce instrumental music education in Egypt. We aim to contribute to SDGs Goal 4 "Quality Education for All" and Goal 17 "Partnership for goal" to develop non-cognitive skills of children through instrumental music education and develop a business model for promotional activities that is tailored to the educational situation in Egypt. In addition, we have been certified for this activity as a "JICA-SDGs Partner" (only available in Japanese).

"JICA-SDGs Partner Certificate"