VCM Technology

Signal processing technology that reproduces the sound with the warmth and other characteristics unique to analog equipment

VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology, which uses DSP technology to realize the sound of guitar amps and effects and studio equipment such as compressors and equalizers, is a core technical competence of Yamaha. Yamaha has actually incorporated this technology into PA equipment, synthesizers, electronic pianos, guitar amplifiers, VST-plugin effects, etc., and it has become a core added value for these products.

Component-level Modeling of Circuits

This technology models analog circuits at the component level, and faithfully reproduces the details of linear and non-linear characteristics in order to reproduce the saturation and warmth unique to analog equipment. In addition to analog circuits, we also reproduce the recording and playback technologies of the analog era. In order to reproduce the richness, thickness, and warmth that is unique to such old equipment, not only are circuit analysis and DSP technology applied, but also a great deal of time is spent on tuning.

By using software on the DSP to do these things, it is possible to offer the benefits of the digital age, such as the ability to handle a large number of channels and settings in memory with one click of a switch. So a variety of modern conveniences can be provided along with the musicality of the analog age.

Legend, in Collaboration with Rupert Neve

In collaboration with audio equipment design legend Rupert Neve, Yamaha has developed digital counterparts of his highly musical audio processor technologies on a number of digital mixers, including our flagship RIVAGE/PM10 digital mixing console. Yamaha products are the only digital audio technology that Rupert Neve has recognized for their musical quality.

The development of VCM technology is carried out at K’s Lab in the Research and Development Department.

Rupert Neve

Yamaha Research and Development Toshifumi Kunimoto