Keio University and its partners released “Global Jukebox,” a public database of performing arts and culture.

Online tool that allows you to search for songs “Global Jukebox”

“Global Jukebox” is now publicly available online as a search engine for ethnic music from all around the world. This is the result of the collaboration between 17 researchers, including Keio University.

With this search engine, more than 5,000 voice recordings from about 1,000 ethnic groups are available along their “Cantometrics” codings.

Keio University Press Release

Yamaha supports the release of “Global Jukebox” to the public after using it in a joint study with Keio University, aimed at furthering our understanding of diversity in music.

As part of this joint study with Keio University, we carried out subjective experiments using songs from various countries available in “Global Jukebox”. Results found a strong correlation in evaluations of song similarity by Japanese and Indian listeners. On the other hand, no correlation was observed between ratings by experts in Hindustani music (from the north of India) and experts in Carnatic music (from the south of India). This finding suggests that the perception of musical diversity may be more nuanced within cultures of common background.

The results of this collaboration were published on PsyArXiv.

Yamaha, in collaboration with various institutions, will continue its research on musical traditions and culture, aiming for a better understanding of diversity and universality in the context of music.