Yamaha Design “Synapses” GT-5000


A high-grade analog turntable with a modernized GT Concept.


We added modern technology and materials to update the design concept of Yamaha’s signature GT-2000 turntable. This design is a fusion between a strong, robust structure and delicate, intricate components, and places greater emphasis on the arc-based layout of its control surfaces.


The design exhibits the properties and textures of the materials in a economical manner, from the thick, vibration-resistant wood of the body, and the lightweight carbon fiber tonearm that faithfully transmits the minute grooves of the records, to the brass platter, metal insulator, and more.


The short, straight tonearm characteristic is a defining characteristic of the GT-5000, featuring a tapered, easily movable design that offsets the imposing structures housing the large, high-performance bearings to create a graceful appearance. The hook allows the user to use a single finger to move the tip of the arm horizontally with the total control required for minute adjustments.


The pinnacle of Yamaha Pure Audio equipment, the 5000 series features a piano-black mirrored finish to create a sense of unity with other audio equipment. With a peaceful appearance reminiscent of lacquered furnishings, these turntables possess a distinctive presence befitting high-end equipment.

Kenshiro Tanaka
Kenshiro Tanaka
Design Holon Inc.

The combination of different materials represents the next iteration of Yamaha Pure Audio.

The GT-5000 is a turntable in the tradition of the GT concept (Gigantic & Tremendous) that dates back to the release of the GT-2000 series in the 1980s.
Amidst the current revival of analog audio, we sought a design that clearly shows its roots, yet has features that visually convey how these have been refined and evolved.
The result is a design that combines the heft of structural elements such as the thickness of the body and turntable, the size of the diameter, and the texture of the metallic components, with the graceful, flexible textures of the arc-based layout, the shape and material texture of the tonearm, and other components. This fusion of strength and flexibility is the basis—and perhaps the defining characteristic—of the robust yet intricate design that heralds the new series’ evolution from the GT-2000 series.
We placed the pitch control function in the new series in the part that served as a finger rest on the GT-2000 for use when placing the needle. It is now located adjacent to the turntable, a design choice intended to communicate its function in a visual, straightforward manner.
We gradually altered the diameter of the pipe of the carbon fiber tonearm to shift the resonance point and limit resonance, and took the strategic design steps of running a copper-plated aluminum pipe through the interior and combining different materials on the platter and belt drive motor to disperse resonance points and reduce vibration. The design of the large bearings that boost traceability elicits an intuitive feel of stable performance.
The robust frame and composite materials have been carefully designed to limit vibrations to provide an unsurpassed acoustic environment. The hallmark of Yamaha’s designs is the expression of function in the form, and we feel that this design accomplishes that in a way befitting the 5000 series, the pinnacle of Yamaha Pure Audio.
Every effort was expended to create the ideal appearance and texture in addition to the best sound quality. Genuine satisfaction with the audio, visual and tactile experience this product provides should earn it a permanent place in every user’s heart. In this age where endurance and dependability are championed, we seek to make products that last, and furthermore, we hope that the relationship between the user and the product grows deeper through daily use.

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