Yamaha Design “Synapses” SX Series


A flexible, refined grand piano.


SX Series grand pianos represent a transition from the S Series, which continued a legacy of classic grand piano tradition, to a lineup of instruments with a more modern form. With a silhouette that veers way from the traditional, the SX Series is strong and yet flexible, and together with the CF Series and the CX Series, is a symbol of the design philosophy behind Yamaha grand pianos, which has been to seek simplicity over time.


The gentle curve of the S-shaped arms at either ends of the keybed, along with the legs and pedal support that arch like the taut limbs of an athlete, extend upwards in a representation of the concept of “soaring vertical curves,” and give the overall design a uniform feel.


The area around the pedal box has evolved to possess gently curving contours that retain a strength that flows through subtly curving lines, symbolized in the S-shaped lines of the music stand. With the shape of every part of the piano completely in harmony, the instrument as a whole reflects a calm grace.


The cast frame that supports the tension of the strings gleams with the shine of a pearl-like coating. The brightness of the inner surfaces of the piano has been reduced deliberately in order to create a contrast that makes the frame stand out.


The arms at the ends of the keybed are a distinctive feature of any grand piano, and in the SX Series feature a beautiful S-curve that highlights the supple movements of the pianist’s fingers. They offer an impression of elegance, while also inspiring the pianist.

Keizo Tatsumi
Keizo Tatsumi
Yamaha Design Laboratory

“Soaring vertical curves” that embody simplicity and modernity.

Following in the footsteps of the CF and CX Series, which led a substantial change in the direction taken by Yamaha grand pianos, the design of the SX Series is an evolution in the appearance of the S Series that reflects a contemporary aesthetic, and establishes a format for Yamaha grand piano design. The CF Series could be seen to be the “king” of Yamaha pianos, which does battle amid the fraught tension of a concert. In contrast, the SX Series is intended for more “queenly” performances in refined venues such as music salons, and thus has been designed with both strength and elegance in mind.
Modeled around the concept of “soaring vertical lines,” the SX Series features controlled, gentle curves in areas ranging from the legs and the keybed arms to the music stand and pedal support, in a form that is both elegant and reliable. The piano is an extremely traditional instrument, and there is a risk of adding too many unusual characteristics resulting in a piano that is perceived as peculiar, or a novelty. In the SX Series we followed an iterative process of making repeated small changes that resulted in pianos that are perceived as different, but not excessively so.
With regard to the sound of the instrument, we utilized new techniques and materials that stimulate the delicate sensitivities of the pianist. Please, try playing the SX Series yourself to experience the amazing tone that this simple yet modern instrument provides.

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