Yamaha Design “Synapses” inpres UD+2

2016 / GOLF CLUB

Yamaha inpres UD+2 clubs deliver the same flight distance as two clubs lower.


The sole’s strikingly shiny mirrored finish. The weight’s matte finish suggests a deep COG. This contrast drives the golfer’s hunger for distance as they stand at the tee.


The mirrored finishes on the parts of the blade usually hidden on conventional irons make our wide-soled irons comfortable at address, and help golfers concentrate on their game.


The low, deep COG design equips Yamaha inpres UD+2 clubs with the ability to deliver the same flight distance as two clubs lower. The uniformity of the design makes it feel great having the whole set in your bag.


The intuitive design is responsible for that dependable feeling—that great flight distance is the result of every swing. Magnificent, invigorating shots are the result of the golfer’s body and mind becoming one with an inpres UD+2 club in hand.

Nobumasa Tanaka
Nobumasa Tanaka
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Daisuke Saito
Daisuke Saito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Designing dependability for clubs that consistently deliver great distances.

The very shape and appearance of golf clubs show off the best performance they can deliver, and the same applies to the latest inpres UD+2 clubs, developed for the most extreme distance possible given materials, production methods, and the rules.
To equip the newest UD+2 drivers with the ability to provide stunning flight distance, we integrated the weights into the sole to achieve the lowest, deepest COG design possible. The sole features the same inpres design with lines converging as they lead toward the face, but the new lines that evoke the power of a ship’s propeller backwash create feelings of speed and straightness toward the target. The button, which doubles as a weight, features a black matte finish that creates a feeling of substance and fills the golfer with pride as they reach for the driver. The distinct shape of the triangular sole that leads to astonishing flight distance is combined with the propeller backwash lines converging toward the face to create a singular vision of functionality and ideal trajectory. By relentlessly cutting away unnecessary design features and detailed flair, we have created drivers that are wildly innovative, yet unassumingly comfortable to the knowledgeable golfer.
We widened the soles of the irons in order to achieve a deep COG as with the drivers. However, we designed the soles such that this extra girth is invisible at address. We focused the changes on the undersides of the soles for the dual effect of lowering COG and ensuring good sweep.
There is no learning curve with inpres UD+2 clubs. Anyone can use them easily, but one swing is all it takes to see surprising flight distance. This has been the aim of Yamaha’s scintillating design, and is the defining trait of the inpres UD+2 line.

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