Yamaha Design “Synapses” PSR-S670


A dynamic performance keyboard that gives the feeling of speed.


The body of the PSR-S670 has a solid feel, which is a perfect foil to the player's enthusiasm and provides a high level of owner satisfaction.


The PSR-S670's dynamic surface construction and sharp edges make the player look like they're in action, just by standing in front of the keyboard. The sculpted beauty of the PSR-S670's form will also inspire the audience.


The PSR-S670 has an energetic form that shatters all preconceptions, with bodylines that seem to jump out of the instrument and keep going on forever.


Each of the PSR-S670's body surfaces is pushed outwards ever so slightly. With this design, we have created a keyboard with a sharp form looks built for speed and produces a dramatic impact.

Kunihiro Takei
Kunihiro Takei
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A bold design concept never before achieved in a Yamaha keyboard.

In Europe and America, the PSR-S670 performance keyboard is seen as younger sibling of the S series, following the Tyros; in Asia however, the PSR-S670 could be considered the flagship model, offering excellent performance and a wide range of functions.
We wanted to create an aggressive, dynamic design that gives the performer the feeling of driving a sports car. This concept is embodied by the molding on the sides of the keyboard, and by the shape of the surfaces that lead up to them. At the same time, the uninterrupted flow from the keys to the rear of the instrument gives it a strong presence and solid feel. The unique shape of the sides merges beautifully with the bass reflex ports that deliver a powerful sound, and contributes to improved overall sound quality. The front of the body features a bold diagonal cut that creates a powerful impression and makes the keyboard seem to jump out at the player.
In actuality, this series of smooth, continuous surfaces are positioned to lead the viewer's eyes from one surface of the design to the next; and it was our intention for the flow of this design to synchronize with the artistic movements of the player.
Musical instruments are tools that players use to express their feelings and vision. In the same way, the design of an instrument should be part of its "performance" by amplifying the expression of the person who plays it.
It is our hope that those who play the PSR-S670 feel the excitement of driving a sports car when they play, and know how good it makes them look when playing it, giving their performances an impact that matches the power of the audience.

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