Yamaha Design “Synapses” NX-B150


TV speakers that stylishly blend in with your interior space and are compatible with various installation environments.


Deliver sound to the place you want, just as if you were aiming a spotlight; the design of the NX-B150 communicates this capability in a simple, straightforward manner. Equipped with only the controls needed to enjoy the speakers’ functionality, this is a simple form that hints at the full-blown sound on offer.


Designed to be a presence like a small piece of attractive art, the NX-B150 can connect to a variety of Bluetooth-compatible devices, while serving as a gentle and colorful part of your interior space.


The satellite speakers, designed like spotlights, can also fit easily next to a wall-mounted TV. The compact speaker cabinets feature a solid metal design with a superb texture and sound.


The bass unit, with its unusual silhouette, is an expression of the ability to deliver powerful bass sound, while at the same time maintaining a casual form that almost seems to float in the air, giving it a truly unique presence.

Akie Hinokio
Akie Hinokio
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A new kind of product different from traditional powered speakers, featuring a lively, contemporary design that goes well with room interiors.

We wanted to break away from the conventional high-tech look typical of TV speakers, and instead decided to design a new kind of powered speaker with a casual, fun feel similar to that of desktop audio products, which would go well with room interiors as an item of interior design. Thus began the development of the NX-B150, which was themed around the motif of a spotlight. This speaker set is composed of two satellite speakers and a bass unit, which can be freely positioned to deliver sound in the direction you want (precisely like a spotlight).
These speakers are designed to look more like decorative objects of interior design than speakers. The satellite speakers can placed on a surface or wall-mounted, and feature superbly-textured metal cabinet surfaces that have been shaped using a metal drawing process to create a seamless form that appears smooth from any direction. Much trial and error went into the creation of speaker cones with the size, angle, and arm length needed to ensure that the speaker’s center of gravity is well balanced regardless of the direction the speaker is pointed. We have also met the difficult challenge of creating a hollow bent arm that allows cords to run through it. The bass unit, which is intended to be placed on the floor, has been carefully designed to give it a presence similar to that of an air circulator, with the goal of making it as capacious as possible without getting in the way.
In an era in which the majority of powered speakers intended for use with TVs feature a chic design that emphasizes the functionality of sound—as can be seen in sound bars—we believe that the playful feel of the NX-B150 is a suggestion for new values in this genre, focused on interior design.

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