Yamaha Design “Synapses” PSR-E343/E243


New Digital Keyboards Makes It Easy to Enjoy Making Music.


Despite being an entry-level series, the PSR-E models have proven their versatility in a wide range of situations around the world. Combining synthesizer-cool and uncluttered elegance, these instruments are enough to inspire any performer to take the stage.


A slightly raised vertical wall at the back of the keybed conveys a feeling of solidity and gravity when playing, without interfering with portability. At the same time, the slope of the top deck down to where it intersects with this vertical wall reveals the player’s hands to the audience and lightens the impression given by this portable keyboard.


The design and materials of the two models have been carefully chosen to suit the tastes of different players. The PSR-E343 uses speaker mesh, and creates the impression that sound is being produced by the entire keyboard while clearly delineating the control panel. Hot-stamped labeling is used to differentiate functions by color.


The PSR-E243 uses two surface finishes-hairlines and textures—to express greater depth and richness of sound. Labeling is hot-stamped with a translucent matte to maintain clarity and simplicity.

Kazuki Kashiwase
Kazuki Kashiwase
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Mami Sato
Mami Sato
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Designed for everyone.

The goal of the Portatone is to make it easy for everyone to appreciate the joy of performing music.
The PSR-E series includes both lesson functions and a variety of timbres that make them ideal for both the beginning player and the street musician. Entry-level models have typically had bright color schemes and rounded designs to appeal to young players. The PSR-E series models, on the other hand, have a sleek design intended to appeal to both the beginning player and the street musician. The PSR-E343/E243 are designed to be visually appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds, with a solid synthesizer-style design.
The PSR-E343/E243 convey a taut sense of solidity through flat surfaces and sharp edges that reveal different aspects of their character from different perspectives—gravity and seriousness to the player, lightness and intimacy to the audience.
Two types of hairline patterns create visual variety on the top deck of the PSR-E243 and organize the interface around a strong centerline, so that players can quickly identify functions when playing, and familiarize themselves with the performance space in this entry-level model.

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