Yamaha Design “Synapses” AVENTAGE


High-end AV receivers that respond to enduring attachment. The AVENTAGE Series.


A noiseless design with few extraeneous elements, and each function zoned and aligned with precision. The AVENTAGE Series embodies the pure sound that is the timeless heart of Yamaha audio.


The AVENTAGE Series offers high quality, high performance audio without becoming an overly assertive presence in an audio rack. The receivers possess a neutral presence that supports an entire AV system, placing an emphasis on the video.


The contact surfaces of the metal rotary knobs are slightly concave to the touch, and feature a pleasant tactility that attracts the fingers, expressing the designers’ intent that the controls themselves should "grasp" the hands.


The upper area of the front panel where lettering is displayed features a cut section of thick, jet-black smoked acrylic, while the lower area features luxuriously curved aluminum with a hairline finish. Both the display area and the operations panel have been given an appearance that harmonizes with nearby televisions and AV equipment.

Kenshiro Tanaka
Kenshiro Tanaka
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Things that change, and those that don’t.

The new AVENTAGE Series of AV receivers was created with the goal of achieving a core identity that does not sacrifice presence, usability, or high-quality sound. When setting out to design this series, we targeted our efforts around the keyword “luxury.”
In addition to conventional design concepts such as “noiseless design,” which removes every unnecessary component item, “two-phase design,” which clearly separates the display area and operations panel to harmonize appearance with sound, and “visible usability” which allows a wide range of functions to be used intuitively, we also employed curved surfaces, adding a new curvature to the lower aluminum section to convey a sense of luxury. The aluminum sealing door in the center of the panel has also been set at a different level from the panel itself in order to emphasize the thickness of the materials.
We also believed that it was also important that we maintain the identity of the AVENTAGE receivers as a Yamaha product. To that end, we were dedicated to making the product attractive, as apparent in the precisely-cut finish of the jet-black smoked acrylic, and the high-quality hairline finish of the aluminum. We focused on maintaining the Yamaha Audio tradition of pursuing pure sound through a attractive design that highlights the quality of the video content and maintains the viewer's interest.

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