Yamaha Design “Synapses” TSX


Desktop audio products that let you sit back and listen to your iPod.


At your bedside, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room... A presence that just fits in anywhere. A design that people from all walks of life, of all generations, want at their side.


The simple form of a box in a compact design that is easy to use, enclosing a diverse array of functions such as an iPod dock, a clock, a radio, and a CD player.


The design focuses not on functionality or advanced sound technology, but on complimenting the everyday lives of the people who own it, offering superior quality in a neutral form that can be treasured for years.


A counter-like top akin to a side-table allow people to set small objects down without worry. The simple feel of natural wood offering warmth and a natural, relaxing intimacy to the design.


Simple operations that don’t require the user to read a manual. The operational logic and the shape and positioning of the controls, have been carefully tested to ensure that a range of functions can be mastered with ease.

Martin Reichhuber
Martin Reichhuber
Yamaha Design Laboratory

How familiar can we make an audio product?

Buoyed by the popularity of the iPod, numerous companies have released iPod “docks" that you can plug your iPod into to enjoy music throughout a room. However, many of these products emphasize innovation and novelty, capitalizing on extremely assertive designs to stand out in a crowded market. Our goal in designing the TSX/PDX series was to turn this approach around.
We wanted to create a design that would find a way into people’s daily lives easily; something many people think is very common – but isn’t. We were aiming for an unassuming product with a common appeal. Just as with the iPod, we hoped that people from all walks of life would be able to share similar emotions toward it.
To achieve all these things in the TSX and PDX, we had to give it a minimal design. Its form is not simple, but rather flexible, with a plain upper surface where people can place small objects to integrate it into their environment.
By using soft colors and natural wood for the top, we were able to give the product a simple, warm intimacy. The result is a friendly presence in harmony with people’s kitchens, living rooms, and their bedsides, which maintains both functionality and a natural, high quality sound.

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