Yamaha Design “Synapses” CLP-S308PE



At only 43cm deep, the design of this Clavinova is simple but magnificent.


The classic modern form of the CLP-S308 features only the bare essentials required of an electronic piano. Designers rejected any ornamentation, opting instead for an exterior that will match any taste or surroundings. More than the voice of the instrument, this reserved and restrained design emphasizes the person who plays it.


The design of the CLP-S308PE is an exploration into the essential nature of the electronic piano, rather than an attempt at replacing the acoustic piano. Its uncomplicated form combines two simple boxes to achieve a beauty in a style that fits any space. This makes it a true partner for life.


A slim, stylish design perfect for modern living. The design features an advanced body that can be split, and loses none of the elegance at the heart of an upright piano. The CLP-S308PE has compressed and reconstructed the grace of the piano, the king of musical instruments, and reflects the careful attention to detail and aesthetics so typical of Yamaha.


Pedals, keyboard height, touch, the angle of the music stand…in every aspect, the slim, compact shape of the CLP-S308PE offers the player the same playing environment as a traditional upright piano. Constructing the music stand and keyboard lid required the development of complex new mechanisms that made it possible for designers to bring a new slimness to the traditional playability of the Yamaha piano.

Marianne Bailey
Marianne Bailey
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Keizo Tatsumi
Keizo Tatsumi
Yamaha Design Laboratory

The search for simplicity.

We were faced with the challenge of addressing modern day matters like noise and space restrictions while retaining the elegance and playability of the acoustic piano.
Moreover, we had to address these challenges in a form that people would be able to use for a long time. I thought that we could so with a simple form, something like the simple and beautiful pictures children draw with colored pencils. A conventional acoustic piano is a large instrument possessing a soundboard and hundreds of strings. In creating an electronic piano however, the designer is free to fashion a simple, compact, less-pressured style while capitalizing on the elegant charm of its acoustic counterpart.
In our efforts, we encountered and overcame a number of technical difficulties in trying to design a simple form that retained all of the playability of a conventional piano. Although maintaining the simplicity of the design was far from a simple process, we were able to bring together planning, development, and design in this modern electronic piano, a creation that I believe owners will grow to love more and more over time.

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