Yamaha Design “Synapses” HEXRACK

2008 / DRUM RACK

Stainless steel hexagonal pipes and a newly-developed clamping system allow this drum rack to cope with any situation.


Supreme reliability that stands up to the most powerful drumming thanks to its honeycomb construction and hexagonally shaped pipes that offer superb stability and strength. The curved lines of the pipes also allow for a great deal of freedom in setting up the system. This culminates in a strength and toughness that provides an interesting contrast with the overall elegance of the completed drum rack.


In both substance and form, the Hexrack system is a straightforward expression of the durability and support demanded of drum hardware. Simple in concept, the system emphasizes the presence of the drummer – the unwavering yet oftentimes unsung hero of a band. In actuality, the Hexrack is a very true reflection of Yamaha design.


The Hexrack system unifies the many pipes, clamps, rods, T-legs and parts that make up a hexagonal drum rack with a single design language of superb form and finish. Built strongly, the feel of the Hexrack when setting it up speaks volumes of its superior quality.


The Hexrack maximizes drumshell resonance without permitting excess sympathetic vibration, affording stability for a very comfortable playing experience. The rack’s movable parts glide with smooth flexibility during setup, and the screws require just a modicum of torque to close. The Hexrack system amplifies the enjoyment of drumming, offering playability that inspires drummers to a new groove.

Kazuhito Nakajima
Kazuhito Nakajima
Yamaha Design Laboratory

We set out to create an exoskeleton for a drum set.

Unlike instruments like the piano that have a sounding body inside the instrument itself, the drum consists of a skin and a shell, making it an instrument not unlike like a skeleton. I think that’s why a drum simply can’t lie. So, creating hardware for drums is very much like creating an exoskeleton. In the human body, every bone is optimized for its own particular function, and when put together they make up a body’s exquisite form. In same way, we gave each part of the Hexrack its own optimal shape and texture for function, allowing the parts to combine and create an overall form which melds functionality with a beauty that is uniquely "Yamaha."
The rack is something that drummers actually handle themselves during setup. Knowing this, we chose to work on carving expanded foam in the workshop to create a life-size model of the rack, rather than designing our parts with three-dimensional computer simulations.
The Yamaha Product Design Laboratory has a proud history of having its designers work hands-on with the things that people will touch. I have a strong feeling that the good instruments are the ones born from a synchrony between the sensitivities of the designer and the player.

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