Yamaha Endorses the Business for Marriage Equality Campaign in Japan

Yamaha Corporation announced its endorsement of the Business for Marriage Equality campaign in Japan in November 2022. Business for Marriage Equality is a campaign led by three Japanese organizations, Marriage Equality for All, Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network and Nijiiro Diversity to support the legalization of same-sex marriage in Japan and visualize the companies which actively support LGBTQ+ community and marriage equality.

[ Image ] Yamaha Endorses the Business for Marriage Equality Campaign in Japan

At the Yamaha Group, we view the rich diversity of our workforce as a true strength and an endless source of new value creation for the organization. By celebrating the individuality of everybody in our organization, and creating an equitable environment in which diversity can thrive, we aim to become more competitive, drive growth, and realize social sustainability. In order for every colleague to make their mark at Yamaha, we are committed to creating an environment where they can bring their authentic selves, including their sexual orientation or gender identity, and develop to their full potential.

For example, in 2019, Yamaha Corporation introduced a company-wide mandate to recognize same-sex partners as ‘spouses’ and ‘family members’ and to acknowledge their contribution and impact on the company. This allows employees to use benefit programs such as marriage leave, parental leave, and nursing care leave, regardless of their partner's gender. Our efforts have been recognized and the company has been awarded a Gold rating by the PRIDE Index 2022, making it the fourth consecutive year we received the highest-possible rating.

However, we are concerned about the many challenges still faced by the LGBTQ+ community and recognize the importance to make positive changes together with people around the world. To this end, we also believe that it is our important mission to share the stories and music of the members of the LGBTQ+ community around the world. We have provided support and platforms, such as our Pride Month activities, to do so.

We are proud to express our support for the Business for Marriage Equality campaign as part of our ongoing initiatives for our LGBTQ+ colleagues, customers, and artists. Together, we aim to achieve equality for all. We will continue to reinforce our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.